Edit Coupon

Edit a Coupon

To edit a coupon, find the coupon to edit on the main "Coupon" screen. Click on the "Actions" button for that coupon (see button labeled with number 3), then click on the edit link next to label 4. Once you have clicked the edit button, the system will display a message that the coupon was successfully edited. You should now be able to see the edited coupon in the coupon list.

For detailed information on each field and option click on the links in the table below.

Page Components

# Name
1 Coupon - Cover Image
2 Coupon - Offer Name
3 Coupon - Offer Type
4 Coupon - Offer Start Date/Time
5 Coupon - Offer End Date/Time
6 Coupon - Redemption Limit
7 Coupon - Description
8 Coupon - Disclaimer
9 Coupon - PLU Code