Loyalty - Earning Rewards & Redeeming Rewards

Earning Rewards

For a consumer to earn a perk, the consumer needs to open the mobile app or website and select the desired loyalty program. Next, the consumer needs to open their device scanner using the scan button at the bottom of the loyalty
screen. Once the scanner is open, the consumer needs to scan the QR code presented at the Merchant’s POS.
Once the consumer has scanned the QR code, the perk/star will become solid in color indicating the scan was successful.
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Redeem a Loyalty Reward Offer

There are three mobile loyalty offer redemption options: QR Code, mzSTAMP, and POS Integration.

QR Code Redemption

To redeem an offer, the consumer will select the applicable offer then click on the Scan this Deal button. The device scanner will open. Using the scanner, the consumer will scan the QR code displayed at the Merchant POS. Once the QR code has been scanned, the consumer will receive a “Confirm Notice”. If the consumer clicks OK, then the “Show to Cashier” message is displayed. The server or cashier will apply the coupon credit at the POS. This credit can be applied using the same procedures that the Merchant has implemented for redeeming a paper coupon such as a soft key or PLU code.

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mzSTAMP Redemption

To redeem an offer the customer will select the applicable offer then click on the Redeem this Deal button. A stamp page will open. Using the stamp device provided by your Mobile Partner, the server or cashier will stamp the page. A notice will display to indicate that the offer has been redeemed.
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POS Redemption

Depending on the POS, the redemption process varies. Your Mobile Provider will provide a separate document outlining the redemption process that is applicable to their POS.