Message Center Overview

Message Center Overview

The Message Center is a centralized messaging component of the Mobile Marketing Panel. The management of message programs for various channels such as Short Message Service (SMS), Push Notifications for Mobile Apps (mobile app required), Geofence, and Beacon notifications (mobile app required.)

Page Components

# Name Description
1 Menu Link Used to access the Message Center Dashboard.
2 Dashboard Click bring up the Message Center Dashboard.
3 Campaigns (dropdown) Click to bring up a dropdown (view campaigns or add a new one.)
4 Reporting Shows the available reporting for the message center.
5 Audience Shows Audience
6 Keywords Shows Keywords
7 Templates Shows Templates


Documentation coming soon


Creating a New Campaign

To create a new campaign, click the Campaigns link (see the button labeled 3) click on the link "Add Campaign."

Publishing a campaign

After going through all steps to set up a campaign, the camping window will show the status of the save campaigns. If the campaign is in draft mode, the campaign has not been activated. To activate the campaign click on the word draft, the campaign will then be activated.