Loyalty - QR Codes for Food Delivery

Loyalty - QR Codes for Food Delivery

Login into your web marketing portal by entering your username and password. After logging in, you will be on the Partner Admin Screen. Select the Global link located in the colored bar to the right of the hamburger menu.

From the Loyalty screen, click on the Generate Assignable Loyalty Codes link. 
In the upper Right-Hand Corner select Add and Enter the Number of QR Codes to Generate.

After entering the number of QR Codes to generate select Action. From the Action drop down either select Generate File CSV or Generate File PDF.

  • The Generate File CSV should be selected if a commercial printer will print the QR Code Label.
  • The Generate File PDF should be selected to print the QR Code label from a non-commercial printer.

QR Code for Food Delivery

The QR Code PDF is formatted for Avery Label 94248 (8.5 X 11 layout). Once you have generated the PDF, insert the Avery Label 94248 into your printer and print. It should print as the example below.

To add additional copy/logos, open the Sample File PDF which is the Word Documents Template for the Avery Label 94248. Using the template, format the logo and or copy. Then place the label with QR Codes into  your printer (check the printer for instructions on how to insert the label to print correctly).

Once, the label prints, It should look something like the example below.

Once printed, place a QR Code label on each delivery order, scan it, and enter the subtotal with the RedeemPal Merchant Redemption App prior to delivery.

Add Delivery Points - Restaurants

To add delivery points, click on the Add Delivery Points icon. Next, scan the QR code label placed on the food order then enter the subtotal amount and Submit. A check mark will appear to the indicate the transaction was successful.