Loyalty Points for Delivery - QR Codes

Web Marketing Portal

From the Partner Admin Screen – Select Global at the top of the screen then Select Incentives – Loyalty.

Select Generate Assignable Loyalty Codes.

In the upper Right-Hand Corner select Add and Enter the Number of QRCodes to Generate.

After entering the number of QRCodes to generate select Action. From the Action drop down either select Generate File CSV or Generate File PDF.

  • The Generate File CSV should be selected if you are having a commercial printer creating your printed QRCode or Label. The CSF has the Codes for a Commercial Printer to print the QRCode and your other copy.
  • The Generate File PDF should be selected if you will be printing the QRCode and the additional copy to be added to the 8.5X11 Avery Label 94248

QRCode for Delivery

The PDF with QRCodes is in the format of an 8.5X 11 Avery Label 94248. This QRCode is the Label that the restaurant scans with the Merchants Mobile App (Add Delivery Points) and entering the price of the meal minus Taxes.

See next Image to add copy to the QRCode. See Merchant App image below.

Avery Label 94248 – The base PDF that contains the QR codes is meant to be printed first. To add additional copy/logos around the QR codes in the whitespace, download the Sample File PDF which is the Word Documents Template for the Avery Label 94248.

QRCode Template

Consumer Mobile App – Screen Shots

There are two ways to scan the barcode that was included in the food order, the restaurant MUST do step 1 below before the order is picked up for delivery and the consumer can scan (step 2):

1.       Restaurant – Scan a select QRCode that was generated in the Mobilozophy – Web Marketing Portal and enter the total $ amount of purchase minus all taxes.

2.       Consumer - Scan the QRCode that is included in your food order by selecting the barcode and magnifying glass at the bottom center in your Mobile App. If you already downloaded the mobile app and registered, the scanning of the QRCode will record your loyalty Points.

3.       Camera app/QR Scanning app - If the consumer has not downloaded the mobile app, use the camera app to scan the QRCode. After scanning the QRCode you will receive instructions to download the mobile app and register. Upon completing your registration, please scan the QRCode that is included with your order.