Multi-Tier Loyalty Rewards

Web Marketing Portal

Select Loyalty from the Incentive Drop Down

If there is already a Loyalty Reward Published, select Edit from Action to add up to Total of 4 Loyalty Rewards. (see image below). The Top halve has not changed. The Reward section in the bottom half is new. To add additional Rewards, select the + sign and:

         upload the Image,

         Add a Name for the Reward and

         Total Points Needed to Redeem the Reward

We suggest that the Total Points Needed for a Reward starts from Lowest Points for the first reward needed and increasing for each additional Reward, for a Maximum of 4 Rewards

If there are no Loyalty Programs, then select Add in the Right-hand Corner and complete the Loyalty Incentives

Consumer Mobile App – Screen Shots

In the example below there are 4 Loyalty Reward Tiers

Note – Loyalty Points Earned are displayed based on a given User’s Email/profile

Merchants Mobile App

Use the Merchants Mobile App/Add Points -Scan Consumers QRCode to Add Points. Select Redeem Points to Redeem Loyalty Points and scan consumers QRCode

Consumer Phone– Merchant Scan This QR Code To Add Points