Welcome to the Mobile Marketing Panel documentation website. On this website you will learn about the mobile marketing portal, corresponding mobile websites and mobile apps.On the left-hand side of this page, you will find a menu of topics corresponding to various components of this portal. Each topic section has detail information relating to the management and usage of that component.On the right-hand side of the documentation pages, a table of contents menu will be visible. By clicking on those links you will be taken to the subsection of the document corresponding to the link.

About Mobile Marketing Panel

The Mobile Marketing Panel is a single web platform that allows you to easily register clients and where your clients can create, deploy and manage mobile loyalty programs and coupons.

Need More Help?

Need more help? Please contact your marketing solution provider. Or email Please include your Partner ID when contacting us.

With the new addition of Launchpad, we introduced Partners. A partner is a unique, branded domain installation of the core My Marketing Panel technology. If you are reaching out to support you may be asked the Partner ID of the portal you are accessing.

Obtaining Partner ID

To obtain the Partner ID of the site you are logged into: click on the Partner Logo area (highlighted in orange in the image below), find the current partner name you are logged into as indicated by the green check mark, locate the Partner ID (PID) as indicated by the red arrow.