Upon execution and receipt of deliverables, a credentials document will be provided. The Credential document will include the services that were activated on the account, site address, control panel address, username, password, API user name/passphrase and API endpoint (if purchased).

We strongly recommend changing your password every month. If for any reason you have misplaced/lost or believe that your credentials have been compromised, please immediately contact your account representative.

System Login

With your desktop web browser (preferably Chrome) navigate to the Marketing Portal Address that was provided on the Credentials document. Once the page loads, you will be required to enter your username and password that was provided on the Credentials document.

Single Sign-On

The Marketing Panel supports login from Google (GMail and GSuite) and Microsoft Accounts (Personal or Work/School Accounts). Important: An account must exist with the email address associated with your Google or Microsoft account in order for this feature to work. To login with Google or Microsoft Accounts, click on the respective button and follow the onscreen instructions. Accounts are authenticated against the centralized My Marketing Panel user database. If prompted allow the accounts to be associated with MyMarketingPanel and

Password Recovery

If you have lost your password, click on the Forgot Your Password link at the bottom of the login dialog. A password recovery dialog window will prompt you for either your username or email address. After clicking the Get New Password button, a newly generated password will be emailed to your email address that is on file.