Location Overview

You can add new and manage existing stores/locations on the system. To access the Stores/Locations Dashboard, click on the Stores/Locations link from the main navigation menu (see button labeled with number 1).

Page Components

# Name Description
1 Menu Link Used to access the listing of locations/stores.
2 Add Button Click bring up the create location/store form.
3 Map Icons Each location/store shows their logo (uploaded) on map.
4 Action Dropdown Button Shows all the actions you can perform on the location/store.
5 QRCode XUp Renders a printable QR code that can be used for scanning redemption. (Mobile App Required)
6 QR Export Renders a printable QR code that will link to the store/location mobile web page. (Mobile Web Required)
7 Edit Link and Delete Link Based on your selection you can either edit or delete the store/location