Edit Location

To edit a location, find the location to edit on the main "Location/Store" screen. Click on the "Actions" button for that location/store (see button labeled with number 4), then click on the edit link next to label 7.

Once you have clicked the edit button, the system will display a message that the location/store was successfully edited. You should now be able to see the edit location/store in the locations/store list.

For detailed information on each field and option, click on the links in the table below.

Page Components

# Name
1 Location - Cover Image
2 Location - Logo
3 Location - Location/Store Name
4 Location - Address
5 Location - Hours of Operation
6 Location - Account Description
7 Location - Phone Number
8 Location - Website
9 Location - Merchant ID
10 Location - Visibility
11 Location - Geofence Radius
12 Location - Beacons
13 Location - Stamps
14 Location - Category/Type